About the nursery

The school is located in the village of Zasów.
This village has a pre-war nursery tradition which was begun by Count Łubieński. In the post-war years, our grandfather Józef Zieliński started our nursery.

The beginning of the nursery's existence was the production of hedgerow trees, mainly hawthorn and a small number of fruit trees. In the 1960s, our father Stanisław Zieliński had our nursery, which began to expand the range and production volume.

By passing through various nursery organizations in 1999, the nursery joined the Association of High Quality Nursery Manufacturers (now called the Polish Nursery Association).

It is the largest nursery organization in Poland.

In the 90s, the nursery widened the assortment with ornamental and deciduous and coniferous trees (alleys dug from the ground and in containers). The nursery also produces a large assortment of generative and vegetative rootstocks. The presence of a nursery is 25 hours, has its own cold storehouse for storing nursery material.


Our nursery is a member of the Polish Nurserymen Association

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Szkółkarzy

Headquarters of the nursery

Szkółka Zielińscy

Mokre 1a
39-209 Zasów

tel. +48 14 682 50 14
fax. +48 14 682 50 14


Andrzej Zieliński

Telefon +48 601 421 333

Marek Zieliński

Telefon +48 605 286 439

Correspondence addressAdres do korenspondencji

Szkółka Zielińscy

Zasów 82
39-209 Zasów